What is WAB?

Water After Borders (WAB) is a summit taking place at the University of Illinois – Chicago in April 2015. International and domestic participants will convene to discuss transboundary water system management, with a particular emphasis on the Great Lakes.

Scheduled events will include presentations, collaborative breakout sessions on selected topics, and water-related field trips in the Chicago area.

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Featured Work

We wish to draw ongoing attention to the important work of those individuals who will be participating in our Water After Borders summit, with the goal of stimulating interdisciplinary interest in pressing water issues and improved management of transboundary water systems.

To this point, we will feature the work of Water After Borders participants before, during, and after the summit takes place in April 2015.

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Are you interested in participating in the Water After Borders summit, or are you seeking avenues for collaboration on water-related issues?

Do have a question, comment, or concern about the upcoming summit, or about other topics regarding transboundary water systems?

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Water after Borders is generously sponsored by Humanities Without Walls, the UIC Institute for the Humanities, and the UIC Institute for Environmental Science and Policy.

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