Photo Gallery: The Second Day of Water after Borders

These photos are from the second day of Water after Borders. For photos from the first day, please visit this link.

Note that all images included in this gallery are credited to Matthew Kaplan.

IMG_4006 IMG_4006  IMG_4009 IMG_4009  IMG_4013 IMG_4013  IMG_4031 IMG_4031  IMG_4035 IMG_4035  IMG_4044 IMG_4044  IMG_4049 IMG_4049  IMG_4059 IMG_4059  IMG_4069 IMG_4069  IMG_4076 IMG_4076  IMG_4079 IMG_4079  IMG_4084 IMG_4084  IMG_4087 IMG_4087  IMG_4100 IMG_4100  IMG_4118 IMG_4118  IMG_4140 IMG_4140  IMG_4174 IMG_4174  IMG_4185 IMG_4185  IMG_4226 IMG_4226  IMG_4235 IMG_4235  IMG_4238 IMG_4238  IMG_4252 IMG_4252  IMG_4289 IMG_4289  IMG_4293 IMG_4293  IMG_4307 IMG_4307  IMG_4312 IMG_4312  IMG_4328 IMG_4328  IMG_4346 IMG_4346  IMG_4351 IMG_4351  IMG_4370 IMG_4370  IMG_4383 IMG_4383  IMG_4386 IMG_4386  IMG_4391 IMG_4391  IMG_4396 IMG_4396  IMG_4401 IMG_4401 IMG_4410 IMG_4410 IMG_4419 IMG_4419 IMG_4420 IMG_4420 IMG_4434 IMG_4434 IMG_4449 IMG_4449 IMG_4451 IMG_4451 IMG_4471 IMG_4471 IMG_4478 IMG_4478 IMG_4479 IMG_4479 IMG_4494 IMG_4494 IMG_4504 IMG_4504 IMG_4519 IMG_4519 IMG_4524 IMG_4524 IMG_4530 IMG_4530 IMG_4535 IMG_4535 IMG_4547 IMG_4547 IMG_4576 IMG_4576 IMG_4597 IMG_4597 IMG_4602 IMG_4602 IMG_4618 IMG_4618 IMG_4634 IMG_4634 IMG_4643 IMG_4643 IMG_4651 IMG_4651 IMG_4664 IMG_4664 IMG_4677 IMG_4677 IMG_4681 IMG_4681 IMG_4711 IMG_4711 IMG_4732 IMG_4732 IMG_4736 IMG_4736 IMG_4741 IMG_4741 IMG_4748 IMG_4748 IMG_4776 IMG_4776 IMG_4781 IMG_4781 IMG_4797 IMG_4797 IMG_4810 IMG_4810 IMG_4820 IMG_4820 IMG_4822 IMG_4822 IMG_4825 IMG_4825 IMG_4851 IMG_4851 IMG_4853 IMG_4853 IMG_4860 IMG_4860 IMG_4871 IMG_4871 IMG_4879 IMG_4879 IMG_4899 IMG_4899 IMG_4902 IMG_4902 IMG_4905 IMG_4905 IMG_4917 IMG_4917 IMG_4927 IMG_4927 IMG_4934 IMG_4934 IMG_4936 IMG_4936 IMG_4944 IMG_4944 IMG_4956 IMG_4956 IMG_4965 IMG_4965 IMG_4968 IMG_4968 IMG_4973 IMG_4973 IMG_4995 IMG_4995 IMG_5011 IMG_5011 IMG_5054 IMG_5054 IMG_5059 IMG_5059 IMG_5071 IMG_5071 IMG_5081 IMG_5081 IMG_5085 IMG_5085 IMG_5090 IMG_5090 IMG_5100 IMG_5100 IMG_5106 IMG_5106 IMG_5113 IMG_5113 IMG_5116 IMG_5116 IMG_5119 IMG_5119 IMG_5127 IMG_5127 IMG_5133 IMG_5133 IMG_5154 IMG_5154 IMG_5168 IMG_5168 IMG_5178 IMG_5178 IMG_5191 IMG_5191 IMG_5199 IMG_5199 IMG_5201 IMG_5201 IMG_5219 IMG_5219 IMG_5231 IMG_5231 IMG_5232 IMG_5232 IMG_5241 IMG_5241 IMG_5257 IMG_5257 IMG_5276 IMG_5276 IMG_5286 IMG_5286 IMG_5294 IMG_5294 IMG_5298 IMG_5298 IMG_5318 IMG_5318 IMG_5338 IMG_5338 IMG_5345 IMG_5345 IMG_5357 IMG_5357 IMG_5362 IMG_5362 IMG_5372 IMG_5372 IMG_5380 IMG_5380 IMG_5422 IMG_5422 IMG_5431 IMG_5431 IMG_5439 IMG_5439 IMG_5391 IMG_5391 IMG_5406 IMG_5406 IMG_5449 IMG_5449 IMG_5463 IMG_5463 IMG_5482 IMG_5482 IMG_5488 IMG_5488 IMG_5498 IMG_5498 IMG_5503 IMG_5503 IMG_5511 IMG_5511 IMG_5531 IMG_5531 IMG_5546 IMG_5546 IMG_5549 IMG_5549 IMG_5554 IMG_5554 IMG_5560 IMG_5560 IMG_5565 IMG_5565 IMG_5571 IMG_5571 IMG_5573 IMG_5573 IMG_5579 IMG_5579 IMG_5582 IMG_5582 IMG_5587 IMG_5587 IMG_5593 IMG_5593 IMG_5607 IMG_5607 IMG_5615 IMG_5615 IMG_5618 IMG_5618 IMG_5622 IMG_5622 IMG_5637 IMG_5637 IMG_5638 IMG_5638 IMG_5646 IMG_5646 IMG_5648 IMG_5648 IMG_5651 IMG_5651 IMG_5662 IMG_5662 IMG_5666 IMG_5666 IMG_5674 IMG_5674 IMG_5676 IMG_5676 IMG_5679 IMG_5679 IMG_5682 IMG_5682 IMG_5685 IMG_5685 IMG_5687 IMG_5687 IMG_5692 IMG_5692 IMG_5698 IMG_5698 IMG_5701 IMG_5701 IMG_5704 IMG_5704 IMG_5705 IMG_5705   IMG_5708 IMG_5708   IMG_5715 IMG_5715   IMG_5716 IMG_5716   IMG_5718 IMG_5718   IMG_5719 IMG_5719   IMG_5720 IMG_5720   IMG_5722 IMG_5722   IMG_5725 IMG_5725   IMG_5729 IMG_5729   IMG_5732 IMG_5732   IMG_5733 IMG_5733   IMG_5736 IMG_5736   IMG_5739 IMG_5739   IMG_5744 IMG_5744   IMG_5751 IMG_5751   IMG_5759 IMG_5759   IMG_5762 IMG_5762   IMG_5767 IMG_5767   IMG_5773 IMG_5773   IMG_5035 IMG_5035 IMG_5343 IMG_5343

See photos from the first day of Water after Borders.